Friday, 6 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden Hot Topic for Today!!

Salam and Hi To All,

This morning, while preparing to work, I heard the news from our national TV regarding Osama Bin Laden, again this is the hottest topic of the week, and maybe will be hottest topic for the whole month. First, US didn't want to disclose the pictures or videos on the burial of Osama or the operation of the murder of Osama. Second, the scramble of Pakistan and US towards the wife of Osama.

1. When I get into the car and turn on the radio, the topic is still the same. One of the opinion on the radio saying that, US will never disclose the pictures because they wanted to cover their mistake, there are possibilities of the story is fake, and people can smell something fishy of the controversial fake death picture of Osama.

2. The reason given by US regarding the secrecy of those pictures, they afraid of manipulation of those pictures. Again, this is another doubtful reason given by US. People is comparing this case with Saddam Hussein. When the whole world can see how Saddam being captured, being dragged to court and the death sentence on him, why this time people are not able to get the same thing from Osama's case?

3. The scramble of Osama's wife is another stupid story, she supposed not to be killed like they killed other terrorists. They need to investigate her involvement in Al-Qaeda, and if she being proven not guilty, then she has right to live in this world like other people. The state or nation who governs this woman should protect her with national law and retreat. Protect means, to not let other country to interfere their action on judging this woman and protect the woman if they found innocent.

This is only my piece of opinion. I am very sure, no one here my voice, it’s too low to hear but I hope if anybody can read this, we can think and uphold the justice.

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