Thursday, 5 May 2011

Did Osama Bin Laden Is Dead? ....I don't think so..

I snap this picture from newspaper. I don't know why, but this dead Osama's picture looks something wrong. Is it coincident? The pictures position look exactly the same. The different is only at color tone and the wound placed on Osama's face. The picture on the right was took on 1998 as I've read in the newspaper but how come in almost 13 years, Osama still looks the same, everything same, even the length of the bead and mustache still the same. Look at the teeth, o my God, its exactly no different at all.

I heard a conversation on our local radia discussing on Osama's death, one of the caller raise a question, did Osama exist? many people believe that anything regarding Osama is just a propaganda. The caller think that Osama's identity was an undercover identity created by the people who initiate the propaganda.

Some people think that Osama no longer survive. He might already died 10 years ago but the death was kept secret until now. So certain people took advantage of using his name to work with their propaganda.

The death story of Osama has big possibility of fake story created by certain people. The doubt is clear because unlike Saddam Hussein, the world nation don't have opportunity to watch the operation or the capture of Osama. More doubt when the death body of Osama was buried in the sea and too fast. During Saddam captured, he was drag to International Court and accused to death, unlike Osama was killed when he was unarmed and no trial in court was made for him. Osama being judge by a simple order of KILL.

Tun Mahathir considered this murder as revenge, not an act of world peace as shouted by US. If peaceful is the objective of capturing Osama, they supposed to catch and imprison him, bring to court and sentence him. But no lawful action was taken, it was another crime made by the murderer of Osama. People in the world wanted to know from Osama's own mouth, why he did such terror, but unfortunately we cannot here his confession and his explaination. Like Saddam, he able to convey his message during his last episode of life.

For Moslem, the killing of Osama is not the end of terror. Today, the news said that US now is hunting for Aymen, the second leader of Al-Qaeda after announcing to people that the death of Osama can mantain the peace of the world. The killing action taken by US has never ending story. If someone did mistake, they supposed to catch, put them on a trial and let the court decide. US is teaching people to kill with own justification. Israel newspaper summarized the action of US of killing Osama is the example of allowing killing towards terror by own justification.

A trial is needed to justify the crime. Did the person commit the criome or not. If yes, what is the motives. And how bad the crime they involving to. But a person who being murdered without a trial in court, who justify the crime before court?

In whatever action is taken for Osama's case, all is wrong. The killed story looks fake and full of doubt, if its really happen, it still looks wrong in the way of the person being killed and judge.

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