Thursday, 21 April 2011


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Last night, I watched Japanese Drama titled Rookies. It's a drama of 11 episodes. I paste one of the sysnopsis I found online:-

Sysnopsis from
Koichi Kawato is the new Japanese Literature teacher at the ill-famed Futakotamagawa high school, whose baseball club is composed of thugs and bullies who have been suspended for a year from all school competitions, for causing a brawl during an official match. The newly appointed teacher finds that the club members left are only interested in women, smoking and doing nothing until, under Kawato's guidance, they discover their dream of going to the Koshien high school baseball tournament. However, the road to Koshien is far from easy as many obstacles await them.
If anybody loves Zero Crows will loves this drama. It's a violent drama, but full of spirits, spirit of sports, spirit of friendship, spirit of survival in life and the spirit of zero to hero. One of the words of the teacher namely Koichi Kawato that attracted me, "if this school and the whole world want to be their (the group of problematic studenst) enemy, I want to be their ally." I love this statement. I remembered when I was in my schooltime, a problematic students will allianated by teachers and schoolmates, no one wants to understand their problem.

The teacher, Kawato, remind me of Sakuragi Hanamichi in Slam Dunk. The hair, the voice, the way he talk and his attitude, they looks similar. But this story, eventhough got a lots of violent scene and violent character, but this is motivational stories of realizing the dreams. The strong character of teacher Kawato influenced every character in the drama and this character inspired every people who watch this drama.

I hope everybody will buy the DVD and enjoy watching!!!

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